Održan ogledni sat matematike i engleskog jezika u sklopu školskog projekta English Math
On May 19th, 3rd f class had a demonstration lesson of integrated education within their school project - English Math, initiated by the math teacher Dubravka Toldi and supported by English teacher Krunoslava Kuna.

Objavio: Ivan Švaganović

Datum objave: 27.05.2021.

The students who took part in the project were Lea Banovac, Fabijan Lasić, Lara Kostanjčar, Ena Pavelić, Ema Serenčeš, Lara Slišković, Ana-Marija Vestić and Mia Zrilić. They created a presentation about „probability“ using math books in English.

They presented their project during the regular math class that day in the presence of both teachers who observed their work. The main aim of the whole project was to develop both kinds of skills, mathematical and English ones. Having studied math literature in English, students presented the subject using appropriate vocabulary and expressions.

 Another aim was also to explain practicality and the system of using probability in real life. The whole class participated while solving the given tasks together with presenters and improve their understanding of math in English.

 Below you can see some slides of their English Math project.